John Deere 6R V3.5

Important to start with: Please read everything so that any open questions are answered!

Details of the 6R

  • Price: € 228,000
  • Max PS: 230/250
  • Max. Speed: 53km / h
  • Changes:   
  • Beacon configuration
  • Mark
  • Interior decoration
  • new daytime running lights
  • new sound
  • clear grill with color configuration
  • Color choice
  • Rim color choice with hub
  • Front loader configuration

New in V3:

-Decals for the bonnet completely changed

-All smaller motors inserted (from 6110R to 6250R)

-> Yes, we know that the smaller versions are not available with this hood!

-All configurations completely changed to Multiselector instead of the above color palette

- New part inserted on the air filter on the left of the roof, moves with the cabin

-Universal passenger built in

-> Doesn't work, is known and fixed in an update!

-Fixed everything up / down

- Own weights and front loader added in matching colors

-Tachometer needles changed: Illuminated now

- License plate completely rebuilt realistically

-> 3D letters with color choice (green or black)

-DRLs can be switched on and off via IC

-> IC point on the light switch on the dashboard

-> Animated light switch

-The steering wheel is now folded up as standard when purchasing


- Fixed UniversalPassenger

- Window left rear openable with SimpleIC

- The fuel cap also colors with the main color

Important from V3.5:

-You have to delete the old V3 from the mod folder, because the V3.5 has a different file name!

- Likewise, from V3.5 there will no longer be a normal IC ... Only the SimpleIC version will be updated!


simple IC tut1



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