John Deere 6R V2

Price: 228.000 €

Max. PS: 230/250

Max. Speed: 53km / h


Beacons configuration



new daytime running light

new sound

transparent grill with color configuration

color selection

Rim color choice with stroke


New in V2:

IC installed

Michelin tires installed in all versions

License plate completely revised

New sound with sound configuration installed (Thanks to Nastus for the sound and to Ifko for AddConfig)

Many configurations newly installed

These include:

Stag color (little deer on the hood)

Exhaust "color"

Flashing lights page

Light color (with matching reallights)

and much more, what you can find for yourself ...

Prepared for the Agribumper mod from the Modhub

Engine configuration based on the product brochure (as realistic as possible)

Much has happened on this device. We hope that the time was worth it, that flowed into the works and that he likes you ...

And if not, you are not forced to use it ...

For pictures and credits, you need the german Site!


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